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The crash of a sightseeing plane kills five. An investigation will explain what happened. Or will it?

The well-heeled owners of the tour company scheme to pin the blame on their two-man maintenance team. But it isn’t that simple. Was the well-connected, rookie pilot with a massive hangover to blame? Was it, in fact, faulty maintenance? Fate? 

Tony Valenti is hired to defend the outgunned mechanics in a case where nothing is as it seems. He’s up against a win-at-all-costs legal behemoth with resources that dwarf those of his mom-and-pop law firm. Only facts can save his clients, but Tony’s search for the truth is thwarted at every turn by opponents who will stop at nothing to win.

Tony is already on the ropes when he makes the startling discovery that he has adversaries beyond the courtroom—enemies far more dangerous than a corrupt corporation and its lawyers. Plunged into a moral quagmire in which he’s forced to risk one life to protect another, Tony isn’t only battling to win a lawsuit… he’s also racing to save the most precious people in his life.

5.0 out of 5 stars

“This was nonstop, page-turning action start to finish. A great and fun read. The writing is riveting. Highly recommended.”

Don Pugletti Jr. - Author of A Coat Dyed Black

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