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When a woman is brutally slain, suspicion falls on her ex-husband. But should it?

The suspect’s family turns to Tony Valenti for help. The case is a bewildering maze, with multiple potential killers and a mountain of contradictory evidence that points both to and away from Tony's client. Is he innocent? Even Tony isn’t sure.

Tony is fully immersed in the battle to win the case when a lethal terror from his past surfaces and shakes his faith in himself. Now desperate to protect himself and his family as he fights to free his client, Tony fears that he is being pulled in too many directions to save anyone. He’ll need every trick he knows to get everyone out alive.

“Packed with suspense, and a page turner from the start.” SPR Reviews ★★★★½

5.0 out of 5 stars

“As always, these books just keep on delivering edge-of-your-seat excitement. Fans of thrillers will enjoy this, along with those who really like mysteries. The characters are well developed, and the narrative moves at a very steady pace.”

Phil Bolos - Amazon reader

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