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Neil is the author of the gripping and highly-acclaimed Tony Valenti crime and legal thrillers. The eighth installment will publish in spring 2024.  After cutting his teeth on Beatrix Potter and Thornton W. Burgess animal stories, he progressed to devouring grown-up books before the audacious idea of writing a novel eventually wormed its way into his head. Now, with his first series published, two new suspense stories at various stages of development, and two-thirds of a thriller trilogy completed and agitating to be let loose in the world, he’s thinking that the writing idea was a pretty good one!

A native Canadian, Neil spent three years in Europe and lived in Chicago and Arizona during a lengthy stint in banking and finance. His early career plans to play professional ice hockey and indulge his love of music by playing guitar (badly) fell by the wayside along the way, but he still dabbles. You’ll find references to music and places he’s lived sprinkled through his work.

Neil lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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  See What They're Saying About The Tony Valenti Thrillers  


*A House on Liberty Street *

"Turner hits the mark in a spellbinding, page-turning thriller featuring a worthy underdog hero and prose that tugs at the heartstrings. The author has a great sense of plot and timing." IndieReader 4.5 Star Review

"Neil Turner unravels an ever-deepening drama that exposes the lengths one man will go to protect his family in A House on Liberty Street, a suspenseful and heartfelt thriller. Tapping into evocative themes of family, fatherhood, and second chances, this is a fast-paced read with a clever protagonist ducking and dodging in a classic pursuit of justice. The storytelling is casual but compelling, with memorable characters, intriguing dynamics, and an unpredictable case for readers to piece together. …there are also touching moments of paternal wisdom and honesty that shine… A House on Liberty Street is a neatly penned thriller that will keep readers guessing to the very end." Self-Publishing Review

* Plane in the Lake *


"Neil Turner’s latest Tony Valenti thriller, Plane in the Lake, pits the no-nonsense lawyer and his fiery partner against entrenched power in this classic Chicago crime story. Lawyers and liars go hand in hand in the pearly offices of the city’s underworld, as a well-to-do family’s desperate attempt to cover up the truth behind their daughter’s death spirals into something much more. As Valenti is faced with saving not only his firm but his family too, Turner skillfully wields an incisive pen that takes on the seemingly untouchable upper classes and shady crime families. With his trademark breezy style reminiscent of Dennis Lehane, Turner has produced another devourable thriller." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

"Plane in the Lake is a satisfying blend of tense thriller and whodunit that calls into question and ultimately strengthens Tony Valenti’s bonds with friends, family, and peers. The novel works on many different levels to involve readers in a puzzle that remains murky up to its surprise conclusion. It’s a fine story that will keep readers (whether newcomers or prior fans of Tony's gritty streetwise style) thoroughly engrossed to the end."

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

*  A Case of Betrayal *

"In his third powerful Tony Valenti Thriller, A Case of Betrayal, author Neil Turner puts his charming and brilliant defense attorney back into the fray, where his loyalties to old friends will be tested against his passion for justice. Diving into tough subjects - from the deeply rooted racism in America to the struggles of single fatherhood - this installment stands out from other thrillers; there is real heart in this prose, as well as nuanced character development that keeps the read continually engaging. Packed with suspense, and a page turner from the start."

 Self-Publishing Review ★★★★½

* A Time for Reckoning *

"A character-driven thriller that fearlessly reveals the dark corners of human nature – misogyny, greed, violence, power, and control. Driven by strong dialogue, unpredictable twists, and more than a dash of colloquial country charm, this savagely honest novel is a stellar addition to the Toni Valenti Thriller series."

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

* Scared Silent *

"A brutal and gritty novel of survival on the merciless streets of Chicago, Scared Silent by Neil Turner is a gut-wrenching ride through the life of a young man being prosecuted for a murder he didn’t commit. Navigating the perils of the criminal justice system, while also bearing his own recent grief and pressure to find a new family, Denzel is caught in a painful spiral, while Tony Valenti’s hunt for the real killer may place the crosshairs on his own head. Given the national spotlight being recently turned towards the unhoused populations of America, and the desperate plight of the poor, this gripping story is not only expertly penned, but also timely and fearless." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★★

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