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In the seventh novel of the acclaimed Tony Valenti Thriller series, Tony battles to save his girlfriend’s recently orphaned nephew from the jaws of injustice. Will fifteen-year-old Kevin Tyler be ripped away from the only home he’s ever known? The ensuing legal battle sets the courts of Texas and the Canadian province of Alberta on a collision course.

Tony and his partners are up against the Texas Tylers, who have money, connections, and what appears to be an idyllic home in a gated community. But all is not as it seems. The increasingly vicious fight over Kevin’s future escalates, threatening to explode into an international incident. 

When a desperate Kevin takes matters into his own hands, he unwittingly sets off a life-and-death struggle no one saw coming. With danger threatening from all sides, Tony scrambles desperately to rescue Kevin before it’s too late.

5.0 Out of 5 Stars 

"I read every single one of these books in the Tony Valenti series. I could hardly stand to put them down. They are so good. The plot line is excellent, the characters, well thought out, and a little humor thrown in. I was actually sad when I read the sixth book. Keep on writing, Mr. Turner!"

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