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She fears for her safety. Her sanity. Her life.

When Grazyna Zaluski’s marriage takes an ugly turn, she finds herself isolated in a remote corner of Wyoming. Her husband’s family controls almost everyone and everything in the county …  including the courts. Is divorce an option for a young immigrant living in the United States on a visa? Will her husband simply sweep away the problem of Grazyna, or even—quite literally—bury it?

Grazyna’s worried uncle begs Tony Valenti to take on the case. Tony and his partner don’t practice in Wyoming, yet going to bat for the vulnerable and downtrodden is what they do. They throw themselves into the fray and are quickly embroiled in a fight that may be to the death.

With danger also coming at him from unexpected directions, Tony must rely on his guts and guile to survive long enough to rescue his client … and himself.

“Savagely honest… unpredictable twists… a stellar addition to the series.” SPR Reviews ★★★★½

5.0 out of 5 stars - Wow, wow, wow. A thousand times: wow!

“I've now read 4 of these Tony Valenti thrillers. I normally don't review books (or anything else) online. But, after reading these books, I just had to. A Time for Reckoning grabs you immediately and doesn't let go. I wonder who's going to play Tony in the films.”

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