Plane in the Lake - Book Two

The crash of a sightseeing plane kills five. An investigation will explain what happened. Or will it?


The well-heeled owners of the tour company scheme to pin the blame on their two-man maintenance team. But it isn’t that simple. Was the well-connected, rookie pilot with a massive hangover to blame? Was it, in fact, faulty maintenance? Fate? 

Tony Valenti is hired to defend the outgunned mechanics in a case where nothing is as it seems. He’s up against a win-at-all-costs legal behemoth with resources that dwarf those of his mom-and-pop law firm. Only facts can save his clients, but Tony’s search for the truth is thwarted at every turn by opponents who will stop at nothing to win.

Tony is already on the ropes when he makes the startling discovery that he has adversaries beyond the courtroom—enemies far more dangerous than a corrupt corporation and its lawyers. Plunged into a moral quagmire in which he’s forced to risk one life to protect another, Tony isn’t only battling to win a lawsuit… he’s also racing to save the most precious people in his life.

A Case of Betrayal - Book Three

When a woman is brutally slain, suspicion immediately falls on her ex-husband. But should it?

The suspect’s family turns to Tony Valenti for help. The case is a bewildering maze, with multiple potential killers and a mountain of contradictory evidence that points both to and away from the ex. Is he innocent? Even Tony isn’t sure.

Tony is fully immersed in the battle to win the case when a lethal terror from his past surfaces and shakes his faith in himself. Now desperate to protect himself and his family as he fights to free his client, Tony fears that he is being pulled in too many directions to save anyone. He’ll need every trick he knows to get everyone out alive.

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A Time for Reckoning - Book Four


She fears for her safety. Her sanity. Her life.


When Grazyna Zaluski’s marriage takes an ugly turn, she finds herself isolated in a remote corner of Wyoming. Her husband’s family controls almost everyone and everything in the county… including the courts. Is divorce an option for a young immigrant living in the United States on a visa? Will her husband simply sweep away the problem of Grazyna, or even—quite literally—bury it?

Grazyna’s worried uncle begs Tony Valenti to take on the case. Tony and his partner don’t practice in Wyoming, yet going to bat for the vulnerable and downtrodden is what they do. They throw themselves into the fray and are quickly embroiled in a fight that may be to the death.

With danger also coming at him from unexpected directions, Tony must rely on his guts and guile to survive long enough to rescue his client… and himself.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Scared Silent - Book Five

Which is scarier—prison or death?

When fifteen-year-old Denzel Payton is charged with the murder of a disabled veteran at a homeless camp, he’s trapped in a no-win situation: remain silent and risk conviction, or name the real killer and face the wrath of a monster who terrifies him.

Shrugging off the risk of becoming the next targets after Denzel’s attorney is murdered, lawyers Tony Valenti and Penelope Brooks step up to defend him. As the evidence against their client mounts and potential defense witnesses vanish, Tony and Penelope race to unravel a dark secret that may hold the key to the case. They’ll need smarts, guts, and a little luck to save Denzel.

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Last Exit on the Road to Nowhere - Free Prequel

Last Exit on the Road to Nowhere is a prequel novella about the high-stakes dramas at work and home that precipitated Tony Valenti’s move to Cedar Heights. These are the events that propel Tony and Brittany into the opening chapter of A House on Liberty Street, and will continue to reverbrate through Tony’s world in the novels that follow. What will ultimately become of Tony’s family? His career? His life? It all begins here. Become a Reader’s Club member and find out!
This short novel (short in comparison to my regular Tony Valenti Thrillers—it’s almost as long as novels in a number of genres!) is an exclusive free gift for Reader’s Club members.  

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